Bookwalter Retractor System Set Surgical Instruments Complete Set

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Garana Bookwalter Retractor set

Is a high-quality table fixed retractor that allows for improved access to the operating field and stable retraction throughout long procedures. There are various ring sizes, retractor blades, and ratchet styles to choose from to customise your kit. This innovative retractor can be used for various procedures such as kidney or prostate removal, amongst many other things.

The Bookwalter Retractor is widely used in Urology and General Surgery. The retractor is popular for Renal Transplant use and Radical Cystectomy (Bladder Removal). 

Set including following instruments:

1x Medium Oval Ring


1x Segmented Ring


1x Balfour Retractor


1x Gelpi Retractor


2x (2×6″/51mm x 152mm) Malleable Retractors


1x (3×6″/76mm x 152mm) Malleable Retractor


2x (2×3″/51mm x 76mm) Kelly Retractors


1x (2×4″/51mm x 110mm) Kelly Retractor


1x (2×5″/51mm x 127mm) Kelly Retractor


1x (2×6″/51mmx152mm) Kelly Retractor


6x Tilt Ratchet Mechanisms


2x Ratchet Mechanisms


1x (1″) Post Coupling


1x Horizontal Flex Bar


1x Harrington Retractor


1x Aluminum Box

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