Garana Industries was founded by Mr. Rana Ghulam Hussain.
Mr. Hussain was skilled and professional in Manufacturing of Forceps, Needle Holders, Scissors & Tweezers.

He started his carrier as a trainee of making Needle Holders (Forceps) His mentor Mr. Ahmed Din Bhatti is considered to be the Master of Making Ring Forceps Especially Needle Holders.

With the passage of time both Ghulam Hussain & Ahmed Din became partners they start selling their product (Forceps) in local market of Sialkot City. Their partnership further grow and they register the company name GARANA, where G stands for Ghulam Hussain & A stands for Ahmed Din & Rana is the Caste of Mr. Ghulam Hussain.

Their partnership was long lasting, In Early 90’s they Start Exporting their product to Germany, Export business was a game changer for both the partners, late 90’s they further expand their business to United States of America.

In 2005 Mr. Mohsin Raza & In 2007 Mr. Ahsan Raza has joined the business Both are the Son's of Mr. Rana Ghulam Hussain & Grand Son's of Mr. Ahmed Din Bhatti.

Both brothers are hardworking and currently exporting 3 – 3.5 Million Instruments yearly worldwide.

Rana Ghulam Hussain - Garana Industries Pakistan 
Rana Ghulam Hussain
1948 - 2005
Mohsin Raza
Mohsin Raza
2005 - Present 
Ahsan Raza 
Ahsan Raza
2007 - Present