Dentistry Expedition Kit



A dentistry expedition kit is likely a specialized set of tools and equipment used by dental professionals during expeditions or outreach programs in remote or underserved areas. These kits typically contain essential dental instruments and supplies necessary for providing basic dental care

1x Mouth Mirror: For retraction & vision. Bent Spoon can also be used
1x Flat Plastic (metal) Instrument: For placing dental filling onto teeth
1x College Tweezers Dental: Small artery clip or any angulated tweezers can be used
1x Spoon excavator(medium): for scraping out soft caries.
1x Dental Cement Mixing Spatula
1x Cartridge Syringe Breech Loading 2.2ml + PLUS Carpule Needles 27G – Long – Red 35mm
1x Elevators 2(size number) Couplands Bone Chisel – Medium
1x Forceps 4 Lower Anterior
1x Forceps No.73 Lower Molars (Hawk’s Bill)
1x Forceps – Upper incisors
1x Forceps No.17 Upper Molars Right
1x Forceps No.18 Upper Molars Left
1x Stainless Steel wire 24G for eyelets and 28G for ligatures
1x Hard Wire Cutter
1x Pro-Matrix Disposable Matrix System Wide-6mm Blue

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